Saturday, April 23, 2016

Baskets for Mothers

$.99 THE BASKET MAKERS WIFE ENDS 4/30. Get yours now!


Neat Mother’s Day Gift: One of my longtime readers (initials T.C. :)) is giving her mother The Basket Maker’s Wife (trade paper) for Mother’s Day, May 8. By that time, The Egg Basket, the second in The Basket Series will also be published. I am considering how to design a Mother’s Day gift card from me for her mother. (Shh!)

The lovely covers of this basket series, created by designer NajlaQamberDesigns fall right into place with stories for women who believe in love and happiness. The Egg Basket features Lynn Wallberg, the necessary link between Nora Elliott and Jessie Holbrook. Elderly Jessie, the owner of The Basket Shop, will not go to her beloved husband, Virgil, until she knows her legacy will be continued.

Nora could make Jessie's dream happen, but her life is in turmoil. Lynn, a woman like and unlike Nora, will help…. Watch for The Egg Basket to see how believing and love can happen to a woman who has given up on those dreams—for herself. That would be Lynn…

This .99 sale on The Basket Maker’s Wife is ending when The Egg Basket is published. Be sure to get the first in the series and/or trilogy at this discount price  as it will send returned to 4.99. We’re working on launch promotions  now, and several people are now included in my beta readers and a ARC promotion group. I am trying to come up with a snappy title for this enthusiastic group of longtime readers. Any suggestions welcome. Just send me a note and tell me about yourself and what you like about my books, your favorite one, etc..

.99 Sale Ending Soon: The Basket Maker's Wife, 1st in The Basket Series

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