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Lori Arnold-Mann said...

Just re-reading Rugged Glory, one of my most favorites. Next up is Gambler's Woman. Looking over the booklist I don't have my Tall chief series on my Kindle yet, but I still have my book collection. You mentioned Lady on the Line in one of your posts. I hadn't thought about that story in awhile. Your books are always a joy to read or re-read. Keep them coming Lois. Long time since we met in KC at conference.

Cait London said...

You're sweet, Lori. Yes, I'm re-releasing older books, but have started The Basket Series, too. Just released The Egg Basket (bk 2) Those are in gorgeous paper, too, and it all takes, time. The Cowboy and the Cradle, the first of the Tallchiefs is on my list. Thanks so much for writing! Do check out my enewsletter at my website?