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In preparation for THE EGG BASKET, book 2 of my Basket Series, a May release, I'm starting promotion Giveaway/Drawings, for THE BASKET MAKER'S WIFE or BE MINE either trade paper or Kindle, and other goodies.

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 Contemporary women's fiction. For twenty-two years, Nora Elliott and her sons have lived in the small Ozarks town of Mill Haven. She's hidden her shameful past, but her nightmares won't let her escape. With two grown sons, no-nonsense Nora has one goal—to care for the elderly woman she adores, intuitive Jessie Holcomb, and Jessie's beloved Basket Shop. Then a young woman on-the-run arrives, and the three women's lives unite, changing Nora's forever... As if there's not enough changes in Nora's life, it's not menopause she's dealing with, rather a baby from the one night with younger Dan Beringer who has unsuccessfully pursued her for years, plus her own arrested sexuality. Add one son who uncovers the Elliotts' ugly past, and another son, who hates her for it. Amid a cast of characters who love her, Nora fearfully faces the past, a new full life, and the terror of a shocking gift that has waited for her....

 1881. Hardened Sam Taggart is back in Montana Territory to make his business fortune. But first, he has to provide care for his old-coot father and sister-brat who live on the run-down ranch. Desperate to make his fortune, Sam hires neat as a pin, her red hair in braids, virginal Emma Recht, the daughter of a German immigrant. Cleaning, baking, knitting her socks for sale and trading with the ranch’s passersbys, Emma is thrilled to set off on her own money-making venture, but Sam (with his hair part just-so) is no delight. Captivated by this curvy, innocent busy-bee “beserker”, fighting-tough Sam is incensed when Emma fearlessly steps in to protect him against men poachers who would have her socks and other things. He wants her for himself in a marriage of convenience, but Emma knows she is not the society city-wife Sam needs.
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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cover Copy is Hard

2.99 EBOOK
BE MINE now in ebook and soon in paper at Amazon:

Sweet housekeeper Emma is more than hard Montana businessman Sam can handle. And he wants to.


***Romantic Times Magazine Review:
The charm of BE MINE is within the hearts of Ms. Logan's perfectly endearing characters. Charming, funny, poignant and utterly delightful, BE MINE is a winner. ***

When faced with cover copy writing, a PR necessity, most fiction writers groan. Cover copy and bytes takes hours. Lots of stuff to pinpoint/consider. Double groan.

Here is my back cover copy for BE MINE, now in easy to read trade paper.


Sam Taggart: As a half-blood in Montana territory, I grew up hard. They say I’m a tough, hardhearted so and so. Now I’m back to build my business empire. The ranch is run-down, my father is a cantankerous old coot, my little sister a brat. I’d like to walk off and leave them, but I won’t. So I hired Emma from a German immigrant family. Her red hair in braids, she’s hardworking, small, with curves in the right places that drive me nuts. She’s set up a baking/laundry trading business with every man around wanting her knitted socks and a whole lot more….

Emma Recht: I will not give Sam Taggart one pair of my socks. I keep his home and family, and I keep his books. When I protect him against other men, he is mad. He is evil to men who want my socks. He does not want me paying my way, but this I want, my own business. Sam is a businessman, not a fighter. He is clean and neat and his part just so. He is beautiful. I am not the society wife he wants, but when he looks at me I turn hot. This I know.
I hope you enjoyed that. :) Be Mine is a fun story. AMAZON/KOBO/iBOOKS/NOOK

Monday, March 14, 2016

New Cover: Sleepless in Montana

SLEEPLESS IN MONTANA (Re-release New Cover)

Available now for KINDLE. Other markets soon.

Sleepless in Montana seamlessly combines love stories for all the Kodiak family members into one intense and tightly packaged tale. Cait London delivers once again! Jill M. Smith, Romantic Times

“...entertaining storyline.” Publishers Weekly

Sleepless in Montana is an emotional, multilayered story that will linger in your mind long after you finish the last page. A must read! Sharon Laird for Bookbug on the Web


Contemporary Montana: To protect the most vulnerable of the Kodiak clan from a killer, the embattled adult children and their mother return to the Bar K. Hogan Kodiak, the eldest and the family’s outsider, is on his own ranch.

Bitterly at odds with his father, Hogan can’t rid himself of Jemma Delaney, his longtime nemesis, now the woman he desires. Determined to unite the Kodiaks and soothe Hogan’s troubled spirit, Jemma is no sweetheart as their romance fires up. As murder circles the Bar K, the Kodiaks untangle their past, their loves, and uncover the killer’s horrible secret.

I'm an artist, so I really enjoyed linking with Hogan Kodiak's take on art. A lot of me is in this book (and every book) and I did enjoy researching this and other books in the great state of Montana.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

May Release: The Egg Basket

"Couldn't put it down."
The Basket Maker's Wife
 3 women tied by more than blood.

The Egg Basket is finished and set for a May launch--one of those books that went through a lot of Sideline Life Bits, which interfered.

Leading The Egg Basket is a Jessie Holbrook--The Basket Maker's Wife quote: 
The Woman Inside

~Life is a stream, winding through the years. Women must know who they are, to accept who they are—inside where the wounds need to be healed and cleansed. Only then, can a woman accept life on her terms and no one else’s. She should take what she wants, the love and future that she wants, and be joyous in the taking.
I’m a seer, bred of nature and the woods, to see what souls need, the good and the bad. A good soul simply needs a few blessings placed in a basket suited to the task. And they need to believe…~
Jessie Holbrook, The Basket Maker’s Wife

The cover artist is working on The Egg Basket now, so hopefully it will match Wife. I am thrilled with this cover.

Notice the basket on the spine and by the ISBN? The artist, Najla Qamber, included a shot of my own basket, which will be used as the logo for Book 3 and short stories. I'm writing Book 3 now, tentatively set for November and titled, The Moses Basket.

Available now in ebook and easy to read paper: Book 1: The Basket Maker's Wife
The Basket Maker's Wife
 3 women tied by more than blood.