Thursday, October 27, 2016

New Release: The Bride's Basket

The Bride's Basket (Book 3) is now out! You can find links to all 3 at the FREE PAGE, because for a limited time, The Basket Maker's Wife is free.

Isn't she gorgeous? The baskets on these book covers are my own. Thank you, designer for all 3 gorgeous covers.


Here's the back blurb from The Bride's Basket:

Time was running out for Nora Elliott. Fear rides her every moment. She must complete the first circle, before the new one begins and the two circles can join…. She must believe….
Dan, the man who loves and waits, dreams of Nora carrying her bride’s basket to him. How much longer will he wait? Uniquely bound to two women, each strengthening her, and with Dan’s love, Nora should be happy. Yet pieces of Nora’s heart drift just outside her desperate grasp: one son who hates her and another son is missing.

Nora lifts a ribbon to the midnight wind, beckoning her missing sons: Blood of my blood, come to me. One son heeds her call; he comes full circle to help her—back to the small Ozarks town and those he’s wronged. Another son is out there somewhere and she aches for him. To marry Dan, her heart must be whole. She must complete the circle. She must believe…
Here's what Andrea, a reviewer has to say:

"This is a story of Nora. It is also a type of dance. Woven into it are tears, release, gathering, weakness, strength and hope. Metaphors abound throughout. It is a book that will make you laugh and cry...sometimes at the same time. It is lush in a fairly spartan way, wistful and active, smoothing and resetting within and without. London has written a lyrical story you'll return to again. I highly recommend this work."
From Cait:
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