Monday, October 03, 2016

Meaning of Fall Season

To me, the meaning of fall season translates to color, Thank You Lord for cooler weather, and doing the things I like best.

I'll be out, driving around in the fall color, taking lots of fall season pictures. Fall in the Ozarks should be gorgeous this year, with all the rain. The oak trees turn to a bright yellow orange.

This shot is of persimmons. There is a persimmon tree in my neighborhood and the deer love them--so do skunks. :)

Inside the fleshy pulp (some people harvest these for jam or pies) is a seed. When split, this seed reveals the coming winter, mild or hard. If the image inside the seed is of a fork, the winter will be mild. If it is a spoon, the winter will be hard--I guess this signifies hard shoveling? :)

According to my neighbor who read this somewhere, this seed is 85% correct in predictions. This year, the seeds are spoons. So a hard winter.

To celebrate Fall season colors, I just designed a new personal Facebook Banner, but hope you check out my CAIT LONDON BOOKS page and LIKE it? I'm planning promo now, including giveaways and contests and hopefully--parties. My ENEWSLETTER will have MORE.

I am so looking forward to the launch of The Bride's Basket in November. All of this Basket Series contains my life's elements: children, friends, crocheting, etc.
But today, it's all about The Bride's Basket. I hope you've read the first two in the series.

Please do join my ENEWSLETTER for more information on what I'm doing? The Alpha Readers are coming in with great reviews for The Bride's Basket, a November release.

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