Monday, September 12, 2016

Inner or Outer Organized

Everyone has their own organization set-up. Some people are really highly organized, very neat desks/files, etc. Some of us aren't that neat, and I call us "Inner Organized". Remember that as a Save when confronted by one of those really neat people. Repeated it: Inner Organized. I am Inner Organized. Translation: Cluttered Desk

Today, after pushing on The Bride's Basket edit, I'm busy with the business part of writing. That is: contacting beta readers, washing a stack of laundry, walking again--more editing. Sometimes I stop walking and just keep writing and that's not smart at all. But Mondays are my usual business day and that is today.

<--Usual walking sight.

Here's my usual schedule:

  • Make a list the night before of Musts/Priorities (I like old fashioned index cards and check marks) That’s right on my desk for ASAP in the morning with my coffee.
  • Monday is my dedicated business/grocery/around town day. Friday a.m. is groceries, etc. The rest is usually up early writing, then walking/break at noon, some writing now in the summer heat in afternoons, dinner/walking. Around that timeframe, I’m probably moving around a bit with light housework. Maybe a movie with crocheting because by then, my brain is dead. Then email/blogging/Facebook-Twitter, etc. Then make that index card list.
  • A lap desk is truly handy and I will lay out things beside my favorite chair to work on that lap desk.
  • I use some software to organize: Notes for Mac allows me to keep my Remember This Bits. Copy and Paste Tweets/Facebook, Links, Online Refs.
  • I keep 2 smaller binder notebooks; hug them, tab them, love them: 1. Creative: professional/story notes/conference-flying info/formatting, etc. It has ongoing tasks, i.e. Get new business cards. 2. Info on house/repair guys/when I replaced this or that/retirement$, etc.
Today, it's about Notebook Number One.
  • NOTE: My creative notebook #1 is tabbed and filled with Post-Its on top of notes. I love this notebook. It has side pockets. A lot of writers use this method. Some keep it all on their tablet, etc.
  • When a new story line drops into mind, but I’m deep into my WIP, I put a sentence or 2 into my electronic Toy Box. I also keep a list of potential titles, which sometimes spin off into real stories. A story is always waiting when you want it.
  • NOTE: Currently, I’m building a new website offline, between writing times. I had to drop my full scale website and have my name domain transferred to my blog to save time. This for a sick family member. Now that was a real-life priority. Shifting these name domains back and forth is something that needs to be shared. A web host can redirect your name domain.
But today, it's all about The Bride's Basket. I hope you've read the first two in the series.

Writers: It is really important to keep book/blog/website links at hand. See above. Copy/Paste. Also a graphic, maybe like this one done with CANVA.

And I also hope you've joined my free ENEWSLETTER because I'm about to show off The Bride's Basket's brand new cover and start promotion with giveaways.

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