Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Editing the Rough Draft

Behold! The edited rough draft--first pass--of THE BRIDE'S BASKET 11/2016.

As the third in my Basket Series is going through many processes, I'm stepping back to let the manuscript "cool off".

I've been on a hard run to finish this 3rd book and Life has stacked up, the usual stuff. Doing a lot of that as I write.

I'm not ready to reveal the cover for THE BRIDE'S BASKET, but it is gorgeous, a match to the previous 2. The following is in ebook/reader, but also in gorgeous living paper.



In a pinch timewise, as most authors are, to get promotion, etc. done by launch time, I'm contacting my usual beta readers and hoping for more, setting up blogging posts, etc. It's a furiously busy time, and then I'm back to editing, fine-tuning, etc.

I did finish a companion/bonus short story for one of the characters in The Basket Series, and that also needs editing, though not quite the major job as The Bride's Basket. Many life interruptus stuff happened along its writing. If you haven't checked out my Novel Interruptus articles here on my blog, please do. Lots of writer-directed articles that may one day go into several How-To books, as if there aren't enough of them. :)

Meanwhile, I'm catching up with life and then will incorporate my handediting into the rough draft, and then a landscape printout--the MOST HELPFUL THING--in 2 pages per sheet. I really see more in that format. This first rough draft is double spaced on a single page.

This Basket Series is a project I've longed to do and now 3 books are completed. I'm celebrating!

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