Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Writer's Life

I'm just back from a terrific, very fast/intense conference on Book Marketing and Promotion. Novelist Inc 2016 has to be one of the top writers conferences in 2016 and held in Florida! I learned so much.
Watch for my new cover, THE BRIDE'S BASKET? 3rd in my Basket Series.

I'm working hard and updating my e-Newsletter with all sorts of new stuff. Make sure you are SUBSCRIBED? Headed for giveaways and prizes. My beta readers are hard at work reading THE BRIDE'S BASKET, out Nov. That's the third in the series.

That's me in the reptile print. :) Showed the shot to my daughter, who said, "Mm. Interesting." Translate that how you will. :)

Every one of those people are know-how pros. They were shooting videos with their cells as if it were nothing. (I'm still practicing.)

Our photos look like we're partying, but oh, so, not true. We networked, shared information, when not sitting in writer's workshops, like those given from Mark Dawson on marketing on Facebook. Draft2Digital, Bookbub and others were there, mingling and helping. A photographer was there for individual promo shots and I can't wait to get mine--mine is so outdated. (Psst. I've aged a bit since starting 30 years ago. :))

I'm one of many who are called a "hybrid", that is, published in Traditional and in Indie (self-published). I am truly amazed at the runners in Indie and how much they do. Many have teams of course, Virtual Assistants, Editors, Assistants, Cover Artists, and Marketers for them. However, many of us do most of it ourselves.

 Here's a great shot of one luncheon, and believe me, it's important to eat right, because as much as you learn, the pace is stressful. So gluten-free menus were super. Thank you, Trade Winds Resort in St. Petersberg, FL. Excellent care all the way around.

The next shot is of a swan in the water mote just outside our window. Paddleboats paddling away during the day. I actually networked so much, I only saw the beach during one dinner.

I leave you with the swimming swan and the reminder to sign up for my ENEWSLETTER as I am working very hard on it now. AND building a brand new website.

ALSO... You don't want to miss my fantastic new cover for THE BRIDE'S BASKET, 3rd in my Basket Series.

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