Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Book Bloggers

After finishing my 3rd book in The Basket Series, THE BRIDE'S BASKET, plus almost finishing a bonus novella to go with it, I'm on a tremendous learning curve.

At this writing, I've downloaded any number of Social Media ebooks. Thunderstorms are frequent and if I'm not editing, writing, or reading, I'll watch lightning bolts/ground strikes, the weather people say.

Author's Guide to Working with Book Bloggers by Barb Drozowich is on my reading list. I opened the sample reading and loved her copyright notice.

I've been blogging since around 2006 and did my share of promoting, reviewing other author's books. (Not my primary purpose.:)) So watch for this one. I read somewhere else that if you're promoting your book, do it on a book blogger's tour. Drozowich's book will tell me all, I'm sure.

Promotion today is very different from yesteryear's formula Traditionally published book . SEOs, Search Engine Optimization still eludes me, but I'm learning. I'm more comfortable on Twitter's short format and Facebook is a learning experience in itself, ever evolving.

Writer chums are sharing tips. Stuff moves on and changes minute to minute, but Social Media is uberlly important. Did I tell you that is my university for almost everything?

I'm scheduling a hand edit of November's THE BRIDE'S BASKET. The cover is gorgeous. Not showing off right now, but a match to:


I estimate that a good half or over of a writer's time is spent on promotion and/or social media. If you are Indie, it could be more-- Unless you have a fabulous promo team at your disposal.

Some of the best advice I've gotten re: Social Media was: Pick one and work hard on it, then expand.

Mm. Donna Fasano's link-tip may be at the top. Do visit her blog? She's wonderful! So is Joanna Penn's podcasts at The Creative Penn

E-Mail lists are at the top of promotion recommendations and if you haven't subscribed to mine, CLICK HERE. I'm lining up beta readers, ARC stuff, giveaways, ad work, etc. Plus have a neat little novella giveaway going until 9/30, currently available nowhere else--Sam's Story.

I do like how the book bloggers post their notices on Twitter. Good PR. But right now, I'm printing out THE BRIDE'S BASKET for hand editing, and reading more about book bloggers--though I only intend to do mine. :)

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