Saturday, May 14, 2016

Writing the Life

New! “A must read for anyone who believes in finding the magic of love!”
<<The Egg Basket (2) @CaitLondon

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With a new book just out, THE EGG BASKET, I'm deep in to seeing what works for me.  Life things at this Oasis are not running smoothly.  If you read my articles on Novel Interruptus, you'll know that during the process of writing a book, or doing any task, life does not move smoothly.

Amid promotion for the new book, considering the development of a new website, renovating my home (Note: repair guys have their own schedule :)), ongoing family stuff which is normal, and writing a new book, the third in the Basket Series, I'm also updating  first attempts at covers and copywriting.

Incorporate into the above:  I decided to start painting some color pieces for my newly painted rooms. Here's the background of one. Sometimes I just want canvas and paint. I'm a multitasker. :)

Note: Copywriting:  extremely difficult task for most writers.

I'm switching to some new things to help me move along better.  Right now, I am using Dragon Dictation for Mac.  I had used it successfully for PC.  It's wonderful for blogging, articles, usual stuff. But somehow my fingers need to be on the keyboard to write a book. Thanks to Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn, I use a better microphone (Joanna  uses it for her podcasts, which are amazing) and found that adjusting it closer helped success. I'm a fan of The Creative Penn.

  I've waited to write  The Basket Series, and  hope you are enjoying it. Covers by artist NajlaQamberDesigns are gorgeous aren't they?

I hope to use Dragon on my E newsletter. You can subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here.  And I hope you enjoy my Basket Series.


Shirley said...

You're right. Life always throws us curves. Good for you on your painting. We'll want to see the finished picture.

Cait London said...

It will be awhile before that picture is finished--or not. Depending. :) Thank you for commenting, Shirley. Good writing to you.

Barbara Bettis said...

I wonder how we'd work if we had time for only that :) I totally understand about life getting in the way--and the house, the house. I wonder if mine will ever get done. Love your new cover!

Cait London said...

Hi, Barbara. Yes, I'm deep into house stuff, handymen and clearing out. Some progress made.
I'm glad you like the new cover. The series is truly gorgeous across the board.