Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Egg Basket Now on Sale!


CAIT'S NOTE: I've waited to do the Basket Series, and am so pleased with THE BASKET MAKER'S WIFE (Book 1) and THE EGG BASKET (Book 2). I'm writing the third book now, as yet untitled. But this Basket Series has been brewing/nesting and set aside a few times during life interruptus. But now, with the third book flowing out of me, and with THE EGG BASKET so well received, I know it was worth the wait.

THE EGG BASKET is gorgeous in paper, too. If I do say so myself. :) 


The Egg Basket (2 in Basket Series). Who is Lynn Wallberg? Who is the once obedient child and then subservient wife, and now the Other Woman clamoring to come out and grasp her life as She wants?
When city-bred Lynn arrives in Missouri’s Ozarks, she’s exactly what two other women need to carry on a unique tradition...
Terrified and on the run, ex-socialite Lynn Wallberg finds safety for her young son in Mill Haven. She must believe that dreams come true… Suddenly, she owns a farm and for the first time in her life, Lynn is strong and independent. Then, awakened by Josh Elliott, Nora’s bad-boy son, Lynn’s fierce Other Woman—the woman’s whose needs were denied long ago—is set on a course of sensual discovery and determined to grasp what every woman deserves: a good life, happiness and love…
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AND... one of my daughter's stories never seemed to end. I thought she was winding down. Then, "And then", she'd say and off we'd go on another story. :)
Here's my AND THEN: Check out the cards I made for Mother's Day, because I miss mine so much. They are printable or you can SAVE and ATTACH to your email. Mother's Day Cards.
If you missed THE BASKET MAKER'S WIFE, you'll want it. This is a gorgeous set. Readers are giving them for MOTHER'S DAY GIFTS. Isn't that great? I love that idea.




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