Sunday, May 29, 2016

My To-Do Basket

BASKET SERIES by Cait London
This Month, my To-Do is long. I'm one of those list-makers. First off, I'm learning more about different promotional opportunities including the following-- You can find me at GoodReads, BTW. :)

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It's very busy, here on the homestead, learning lots of new stuff to promote my books. At the top of my To-Do List is writing Book 3 for my Basket Series. I'm hoping for November release date.
After that is writing, or rather organizing all my how-to writing articles into an actual How to Write Book. With years of these things stacked up, it's quite a job. And there's just one of me. Poor Me. :)

My Amazon giveaway is just finished, my first attempt and there will be more. So be sure you enter the Goodreads' one :).

I'm back to using Dragon, dictation speech.  I used it a lot on my PC, but now I have switched to Mac. Things are a little bit different.  I used a headset before, but now I'm using a microphone recommended by Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn. If you are a writer, listen to her podcasts and interviews. She's very much up-to-date on the publishing seeing now, and a novelist, too. I love to drive cross-country and my next trip, I'm planning to listen to a lot of podcasts.

Mega Thrilled about my first attempt at getting Beta Readers and their responses. That was a first! I think there were 6 for The Egg Basket and they were super, and very much appreciated.

I'm also learning a lot about GoodReads,  which is very involved. And when I can, trying to update/create some of my early covers. I've learned more through time, don't we all?

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Notes of the Day: Eating all fresh stuff and not cooking much right now. I'm on the go a lot, munching my way through the day. But generally, life is good. I hope yours is good, too!

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