Sunday, May 29, 2016

My To-Do Basket

BASKET SERIES by Cait London
This Month, my To-Do is long. I'm one of those list-makers. First off, I'm learning more about different promotional opportunities including the following-- You can find me at GoodReads, BTW. :)

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It's very busy, here on the homestead, learning lots of new stuff to promote my books. At the top of my To-Do List is writing Book 3 for my Basket Series. I'm hoping for November release date.
After that is writing, or rather organizing all my how-to writing articles into an actual How to Write Book. With years of these things stacked up, it's quite a job. And there's just one of me. Poor Me. :)

My Amazon giveaway is just finished, my first attempt and there will be more. So be sure you enter the Goodreads' one :).

I'm back to using Dragon, dictation speech.  I used it a lot on my PC, but now I have switched to Mac. Things are a little bit different.  I used a headset before, but now I'm using a microphone recommended by Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn. If you are a writer, listen to her podcasts and interviews. She's very much up-to-date on the publishing seeing now, and a novelist, too. I love to drive cross-country and my next trip, I'm planning to listen to a lot of podcasts.

Mega Thrilled about my first attempt at getting Beta Readers and their responses. That was a first! I think there were 6 for The Egg Basket and they were super, and very much appreciated.

I'm also learning a lot about GoodReads,  which is very involved. And when I can, trying to update/create some of my early covers. I've learned more through time, don't we all?

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Notes of the Day: Eating all fresh stuff and not cooking much right now. I'm on the go a lot, munching my way through the day. But generally, life is good. I hope yours is good, too!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Now! Goodreads Giveaway

GOODREADS MEMBERS! Just getting started on Giveaways to enter for 2 gorgeous paper copies of the first one of my BasketSeries.


AND watch for more contests and giveaways!
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I'm currently at work arranging more/different. With The Egg Basket  (book 2) just out, you'll want to get The Basket Maker's Wife, book 1 of the BasketSeries.

I'd love to hear from you. You can write to me at: Cait London Books. Recently I met some great friends who are helping me as beta readers, a new experiment for me. Lots of new stuff to try, including this Goodreads Giveaway!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Writing the Life

New! “A must read for anyone who believes in finding the magic of love!”
<<The Egg Basket (2) @CaitLondon

#BasketSeries #romance

With a new book just out, THE EGG BASKET, I'm deep in to seeing what works for me.  Life things at this Oasis are not running smoothly.  If you read my articles on Novel Interruptus, you'll know that during the process of writing a book, or doing any task, life does not move smoothly.

Amid promotion for the new book, considering the development of a new website, renovating my home (Note: repair guys have their own schedule :)), ongoing family stuff which is normal, and writing a new book, the third in the Basket Series, I'm also updating  first attempts at covers and copywriting.

Incorporate into the above:  I decided to start painting some color pieces for my newly painted rooms. Here's the background of one. Sometimes I just want canvas and paint. I'm a multitasker. :)

Note: Copywriting:  extremely difficult task for most writers.

I'm switching to some new things to help me move along better.  Right now, I am using Dragon Dictation for Mac.  I had used it successfully for PC.  It's wonderful for blogging, articles, usual stuff. But somehow my fingers need to be on the keyboard to write a book. Thanks to Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn, I use a better microphone (Joanna  uses it for her podcasts, which are amazing) and found that adjusting it closer helped success. I'm a fan of The Creative Penn.

  I've waited to write  The Basket Series, and  hope you are enjoying it. Covers by artist NajlaQamberDesigns are gorgeous aren't they?

I hope to use Dragon on my E newsletter. You can subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here.  And I hope you enjoy my Basket Series.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Egg Basket Now on Sale!


CAIT'S NOTE: I've waited to do the Basket Series, and am so pleased with THE BASKET MAKER'S WIFE (Book 1) and THE EGG BASKET (Book 2). I'm writing the third book now, as yet untitled. But this Basket Series has been brewing/nesting and set aside a few times during life interruptus. But now, with the third book flowing out of me, and with THE EGG BASKET so well received, I know it was worth the wait.

THE EGG BASKET is gorgeous in paper, too. If I do say so myself. :) 


The Egg Basket (2 in Basket Series). Who is Lynn Wallberg? Who is the once obedient child and then subservient wife, and now the Other Woman clamoring to come out and grasp her life as She wants?
When city-bred Lynn arrives in Missouri’s Ozarks, she’s exactly what two other women need to carry on a unique tradition...
Terrified and on the run, ex-socialite Lynn Wallberg finds safety for her young son in Mill Haven. She must believe that dreams come true… Suddenly, she owns a farm and for the first time in her life, Lynn is strong and independent. Then, awakened by Josh Elliott, Nora’s bad-boy son, Lynn’s fierce Other Woman—the woman’s whose needs were denied long ago—is set on a course of sensual discovery and determined to grasp what every woman deserves: a good life, happiness and love…
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AND... one of my daughter's stories never seemed to end. I thought she was winding down. Then, "And then", she'd say and off we'd go on another story. :)
Here's my AND THEN: Check out the cards I made for Mother's Day, because I miss mine so much. They are printable or you can SAVE and ATTACH to your email. Mother's Day Cards.
If you missed THE BASKET MAKER'S WIFE, you'll want it. This is a gorgeous set. Readers are giving them for MOTHER'S DAY GIFTS. Isn't that great? I love that idea.




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