Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cover Copy is Hard

2.99 EBOOK
BE MINE now in ebook and soon in paper at Amazon:

Sweet housekeeper Emma is more than hard Montana businessman Sam can handle. And he wants to.


***Romantic Times Magazine Review:
The charm of BE MINE is within the hearts of Ms. Logan's perfectly endearing characters. Charming, funny, poignant and utterly delightful, BE MINE is a winner. ***

When faced with cover copy writing, a PR necessity, most fiction writers groan. Cover copy and bytes takes hours. Lots of stuff to pinpoint/consider. Double groan.

Here is my back cover copy for BE MINE, now in easy to read trade paper.


Sam Taggart: As a half-blood in Montana territory, I grew up hard. They say I’m a tough, hardhearted so and so. Now I’m back to build my business empire. The ranch is run-down, my father is a cantankerous old coot, my little sister a brat. I’d like to walk off and leave them, but I won’t. So I hired Emma from a German immigrant family. Her red hair in braids, she’s hardworking, small, with curves in the right places that drive me nuts. She’s set up a baking/laundry trading business with every man around wanting her knitted socks and a whole lot more….

Emma Recht: I will not give Sam Taggart one pair of my socks. I keep his home and family, and I keep his books. When I protect him against other men, he is mad. He is evil to men who want my socks. He does not want me paying my way, but this I want, my own business. Sam is a businessman, not a fighter. He is clean and neat and his part just so. He is beautiful. I am not the society wife he wants, but when he looks at me I turn hot. This I know.
I hope you enjoyed that. :) Be Mine is a fun story. AMAZON/KOBO/iBOOKS/NOOK

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