Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Freshening My Abode

It's always nice to see men working on their knees. :)

Along with getting new covers, final editing, promotion, etc. I'm finally getting to some necessary painting. Rather the men are. To cover old paneling, they hand sanded, put a primer paint on, another primer type and painted. Then they sanded all over again and applied a second layer. Quite the process in which they first caulked/filled every nail hole, seam etc. This old house is looking quite a bit younger/updated now, and they're not even finished!

I'm a green person, so colors ran to seafoam green and neutral light tan. I'm wondering what paintings I should do to match. :)

I highly recommend Hayes Painting for really good detail work in SW Missouri/Tri-Lakes Area. These guys are artists! I am surprised at how much caulk helps woodwork trim, etc.

But just as I'm updating my home with color, I'm also updating my re-releases with new covers, and a delightful new product Vellum is helping beautify my ebooks as I can fit in time. The Basket Maker's Wife was my first Vellum, and Be Mine is next. Be Mine's paper back cover is finished and it will soon be available through CreateSpace/Amazon.

One full week of painting and a whole new look is well worth it! It wasn't quiet though, so final editing has to wait on The Egg Basket, my door closed as I work on other things. 

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