Friday, January 01, 2016

A Writer's Meanwhiles

I'm working on a basic outline for book 3 of my Basket Trilogy. Because there is a story arc, plot points and threads need to be resolved. This is a women's fiction series with intuitive/psychic elements.

I'm love with baskets, can't you tell? I have several like these, currently filled with yarn. The graphic artist who did The Basket Maker's wife used my round basket--a white oak basket--for the spine and back logo.

To tie up a story arc, I first list all the plot points and threads. Once that list is complete, the creative process of stacking them into logical sequence takes place.

Meanwhile. I'm balancing family life with writing and a little painting, by the way. A working calendar is a necessity in a writer's life. I working on a tentative 2016 now. If you've read my previous post, you'll see my goals.

I wrote about Novel Interruptus previously, but what about Life Interuptus? We all have it. For this writing, I am calling it "The Meanwhiles". This last part of the year, I've had an uncommon flu not covered by the vaccine. It left me drained and behind on everything. (You've experienced this, right?)

Meanwhile. Different family issues, an ill member, etc. happen and still writers are going to write--if they are truly writers. Meanwhile, there's promotion, working with cover artists, learning, learning, learning.

After a big learning curve of this new Indy publishing world, I have a tentative new book release schedule. The first book of the trilogy--The Basket Maker's Wife--was published as an ebook in 2013. In those 2 years, many Life Interruptus interfered. That's a lot of Meanwhiles, balancing lots of stuff. But hopefully, the trade version will soon be released. I'm hoping for a January release.

Meanwhile, I wrote Book 2 in the Basket Trilogy, The Egg Basket (completed and being edited/covered). It is tentatively scheduled for June, and Book 3 Untitled for around Thanksgiving. The last 2 will need cover creation/graphic artist time. And editing. And writing short stories for other series. These also need editing cover-consideration time.

There are many meanwhile streams in a writer's life--like the first book of another trilogy that is almost done. I'm a simple pleasures person, by the way.

Meanwhile. I'm learning and adapting to this new publishing model, which I like very much. I just love to write my stories and they always pull me back when I've been out in the Meanwhiles. :)

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