Saturday, January 31, 2015

Precious Links


(At Kindle now, others later; Perfect for Valentine's Day!)
I'm updating... We learn from our first attempts, don't we? Currently, I'm redoing some covers and adding more links at the end of my Indy books (alias "back matter"). From those who know, Book Links are essential for good sales. Here's a sample, first done using Word and then ye olde Copy/Paste:
***(Starts From the Last Chapter)
The End
From Cait London:
I hope you enjoyed Miracles and Mistletoe and will review it. For more information/more books, please visit my website. It is stuffed with material about how I get my ideas and background to different stories, plus writer advice. Please do join my newsletter for the very latest, available for subscription.
If you’d like to write to me, I’d love to hear from you.
My partial Amazon Kindle list/links follows: Enjoy!
~Women’s: The Basket Maker’s Wife (a little psychic)
~~The Aisling Psychic Triplets Series (!!Read in Order): At the Edge; A Stranger’s Touch; For Her Eyes Only;
~Novellas: Lady Desperado (Western)
And that's it! It's much easier to create in Word. I found that out the hard way. :) 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Notes of the Day

It’s a Monday, so I’m outlining my day and week. And wondering where I spend my time. Mondays are my usual taking care of business day.
I have The Bride Says No book and cover to lift up to Indy publishing. It's a perfect Valentine's Day book. (Watch for it?) I used my neighbor’s fence and a rose shot. There’s e-mail to send. There’s Twitter and Facebook stuff, Life stuff—like getting the recycling down to the center.

On top of that, I have to worry about this doll. (See below. Ad work comes first, you know.)

People wonder where I get my ideas from, and this is a fine example. I saw this doll in a thrift shop and fell in love with her. (Yes, I love thrift shops. :) She is unusual for our area. For one thing her eyes blink, not something you’d usually see in thrift shop. Her little dress has Ich Bin Lieb Stamped on it, which is German. (She needs her panties repaired.) My daughter knows how to fix ratty doll hair, learned on Pinterest. I am not a doll collector, btw. This one just caught me.

Moving on to examine the doll's back... She evidently spoke at one time. I’d love to hear her, though the tiny record isn’t playing now. If anyone knows how to get this working I’d love to know.

So. Here’s the story I came up with: This doll was actually used by a spy. Here’s why that premise is valid: In our tech world we’re expecting high-tech stuff, rather than the simplicity of a speaking doll record. Spy catchers could overlook this doll. And there’s no end to the secrets that little battery could hold.

Oh my gosh! Maybe those stacks at 45 and 78 records could hold all sorts of secrets! :) Anyway, that doll fascinates me and I’m certain there is a story in her somewhere… She’ll turn up in one of my books.

The rest of the week is pretty much work because I’m trying to get those precious links into my Indy ebooks. January and February are hard working months for me, because when spring comes...

There’s always a gripe. Here's a short one: the cost of inkjet cartridges, which can be more than an actual printer.

If you have any idea what is on that doll’s little record, let me know?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Back From Novel Interrupts

WILD DAWN (New cover):
Kidnapped and freezing in a mountain cabin, high-born Lady Regina is terrified when the mountain man arrives with his baby son. MacGregor needs a woman to care for his son and he's offering marriage, or she can be left to die.
A man scarred by his own past and devoted to his baby, MacGregor isn't willing to be tamed to her hand; she isn't the docile wife he'd planned. But this mountain man is in hot pursuit, determined to keep his wife and baby safe, and is surprisingly tender, more appealing by the minute.
With another powerful man hunting her, wanting to possess her and the legendary power that is hers, Indian wars circling them, MacGregor and Regina struggle against terrifying dangers, passion, and love in a wild new dawn...
It's foggy outside my office this morning, a perfect time for reflection on the new year and goals. After a few months of having Novel and Book Biz Interruptus, I'm back at my desk. (The holidays were a very busy time.) During this time, there has been very little actual writing.

FWIW, I'm enjoying the indie side of publishing after years of being legacy published. I didn't realize, at the beginning of this indie publishing gig, how much work it would be to get my new and reverted novels into epub. Some writers choose not to do it: either they will go with a publisher or they will hire someone to do the work. It's all a matter of personal choices. But I've always been a hands-on person. (Translate that as one who admittedly likes control.)

One of the important criteria for developing a writer's career is not often mentioned. And that is stamina/endurance. We only have so much creative and physical energy. Past those limitations, we stand to lose creative (and promotional) ground/quality.

Still. The holidays. Sigh. Enjoyed them with family, but had to step back. Thus, Novel Interruptus.

Business and contact with writer friends/groups serve to stimulate the Taking Care of Business mode.

In case you've gone through this, the first thing you have to do is to make a priority list. That will depend on where you left off and what is most necessary. Here's my current list:
1. Add links to my e-books.When you first start indie publishing, you don't have links to add other than your website, blog, newsletter etc. As each new book comes along, you add the previous book's links.This is highly recommended by all promoters. If publishers put links to the author's social media, website, etc., it would help promote the books. Instead, most want the reader to come to their website.
2. Update covers. I can do basic graphic work, but also use designers. Wild Dawn, a western romance is a redo. (BTW, Wild Dawn is unusual for that subgenre.)
3. I'm adding more indy books to iBooks and Kobo. Kindle and Nook have most of them.
4. Update my Facebook pages.

The above is all busy work, having little to do with writing. But it does start the wheels turning.

After that comes Goals:
1. Somewhere at the bottom of the list, I'm going to learn CreateSpace formatting.
2. Updating the links on my blog/website, i.e. iBooks.
3. Use all my how-to write articles in a book.

If I can catch up minimally on my links, covers etc., hopefully I can get back to writing because one book is not far from completion, the second in a series. It has waited all this time....