Monday, November 30, 2015

Check Out My Interview!

A rose taken from San Mateo, California  park/gardens on my latest trip. This after a FL one. I usually make several trips each year and am stuffed with photos. I'll post some of these shots on my enewsletter, so please join?

Sleuth's Ink, Springfield MO, is featuring my interview, my journey and plans for 2016. I'm so full of plans. I hope I don't have to hold myself to that list. :)

But seriously, this has been a real growth year for me, impacted by one super writer's conference, which was a breath of fresh air. Not a how-to-write, traditional publishers and agents, but Indy writers. Very professional Indy writers with teams and resources around them. There are no taped sessions, but we were all taking notes. This year, the focus was on Global Sales, due to all the nifty stuff cell phones can now provide.

The most impact to me would be Joanna Penn's The Creative Penn, whom I met at the Florida Novelist Ink conference.

I've been a member of Ninc for years, but this was my first opportunity to attend. I'm already registered for next year--that's how good it was. I already knew other writers and met more during this hard working conference. At 3 sessions/hour with more at different places and a range of "Night Owl" sessions to choose from every day, we (I had a super roommate) worked to keep up. Thank goodness people posted replays as it was impossible to soak up everything. No beach time in FL, folks, just learning new stuff.

Perhaps the most shocking presentation was that of Trajectory, a service some publishers use.

Meanwhile: We need to sell, right? Relax this holiday season with my .99 cent sale ending soon!

HIS CHRISTMAS PRESENT by Cait London Books a boxed set of two full-length romance novels. Meet an old-fashioned businessman, a reclusive rancher, and the women who remind them what love really means in this double feature of fun Christmas romances! Regularly $2.99.

I hope you'll join my enewsletter for those travel shots! They were requested by a good friend. And don't forget to check out the super interview Sleuths did, listing my plans for 2016--yes, it's that time already. I really enjoy this Springfield MO writers group, quite unusual in their presentations.

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