Saturday, October 17, 2015

There Comes a Time...

After traveling a bit, I've sent the second (untitled) in The Basket Maker's Wife series to my copyeditor. Now is the time for the great Catch-Up.


Boxed Set books are quite the savings now and I've just added HIS CHRISTMAS PRESENT, a combo of Sam in THE PENDRAGON VIRUS and Jonah in MIRACLES AND MISTLETOE. Quite the 2For buy at the current .99. (It will be going up.)

The Pendragon Virus:
Sam’s outdated view of man-woman relationships strolled along just fine, until The Pendragon Virus, one female efficiency expert invaded his life and company management. Dallas Pendragon tosses a challenge he can’t refuse—that he can’t manage a household and budget. Then he’s living in her house during Christmas season. Burned by love, Dallas didn’t expect Sam to be a super dad, or a tender lover….

Miracles and Mistletoe:
Life dealt Jonah Fargo, Montana rancher-hermit, low blows and he isn’t in the Christmas mood for Harmony’s cheery psychic self. If he’s riding the Nuts Highway, he doesn’t need this curvy lady splashing imaginary cupids all over him and his ranch. He grumbles, gripes and disbelieves her psychic malarkey until IT happens…

 I hope you enjoy Sam's and Jonah's stories in HIS CHRISTMAS PRESENT!