Sunday, September 06, 2015

I'm Back: The Update


I'm back after taking August to try to catch up with necessaries. That never really works, does it?

I did get a good jump on editing the second book of my Basket series, which was my prime goal. (Writers, you can read about editing the whole rough draft at my writers section.)

Secondary goals got done, I guess, those of this big reorganization I'm into. When you first start in Internet, you just have to take a flying leap. I started years ago, years. Currently, I'm in a mop-up/reorganization mode.

I'm also working on upcoming ad projects, like giveaways, contests, etc. If you're my FaceBook friend, you'll see that I've learned how to crochet a bit. I'm a beginner, so it's easy stuff like dishcloths and yes, I have mistakes. People seem to like them. They would be nice to wrap around one of my books as a prize?

Keep watch on my enewsletter for news of this. I'm considering any and all, so if you have recommendations or comments, I'd love to hear them.

I'm on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and you can subscribe at the ICONS on this page.

Writers, be sure to check out my Writers Page?

And I'd love your comments about my hand crocheted dishcloths as prizes/giveaways?