Sunday, May 03, 2015

Two for One Sale


Each book 2.99. OR... get DREAMY DADS 2 in 1 for the same price.


Quinn Donovan wants one thing: To raise his little daughter amid his loving family in the quiet safety of picturesque Blarney Flats, AR. But when Taylor Hart, female business shark, arrives to sell her property to developers, Quinn’s senses ignite. Enchanted by the town, Taylor has her hands full of the hunky handyman, who’s set to woo her and the race is on….

Master angler Wyatt has met his match in "Stretch", alias Tallulah, the woman protecting his long lost daughter and little granddaughter. One look at fast-moving, irritating, never marrying again Tallulah and Wyatt knows she's a keeper. He sets the bait to catch her for his own, but neither is expecting what happens next….
I love both these guys, Quinn and Wyatt, each not expecting to get love-smacked a second time. These guys were super enough to reissue and great romance reads for anyone who has missed them. They truly are DREAMY DADS.

These books were previously published, but I am getting new readers all the time, and really, really grateful to those paperback readers who now want e-versions to reread. How great is that?!! Thank you all.

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I hope you enjoy both super father/guys in DREAMY DADS.

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