Monday, March 02, 2015

Handling Novel Interruptus


It was the coldest of times. It was the darkest of times. It was the snowiest of times.
So naturally, I picked up a cold. Also with a lot of drama in our family, I found myself in Novel Interruptus. A writer does not cope well in Novel Interruptus as the stream of consistent story creativity is constantly interrupted. If you haven't read my thoughts on Novel Interruptus, they are big and important, because we do have to cope with life issues.

So, as a productive person who needs some creative project, I’m learning how to crochet. I started with dishcloths, a simple stitch. Then moved up to beanies courtesy of YouTube. I only want the simple projects, something to sit by the fire on really cold winter days/nights and stay busy.

How did all this start? you ask. It started with a crochet hook someone forgot in a waiting room. My mother was a crochet artist and it brought back memories. Then while visiting Goodwill thrift store, I found a giant bag of yarn and needles of all kinds. Some of these are Tunisian crochet hooks, and I learned a couple stitches using them. So one trail leads to another, just as in writing a story.

What you see are some beanies for grandkids. I don’t know if they will fit or not, as I am only estimating and going by YouTube instructions. They have many mistakes. The large green circle is my first beret. It’s going to be for a giant. But I learned how to decrease stitches, use markers of yarn and I also found out it’s taking a tremendous amount of yarn. From this first one, whenever it is finished (need to do stage 3, the headband), I’ll have more of an idea size, etc. Berets are so classy, don’t you think?

The yellow cap is my first attempt at chunky yarn. I learned how to decrease to make that cap hold closer to the face.

Sometimes creative people have to switch modes from what they would rather be doing.  And they can always use the information in the story, which I will do. I'm heading back to story land now, if this coldest of Midwest Winter times lets me. (I do enjoy a warm fire while watching snowfall. :)

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