Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day



Quinn Donovan wants one thing: To raise his little daughter amid his loving family in the quiet safety of picturesque Blarney Flats, AR. But when Taylor Hart, female business shark, arrives to sell her property to developers, Quinn’s senses ignite. Enchanted by the town, Taylor has her hands full of the hunky handyman, who’s set to woo her and the race is on….


RETURN TO FAIRY COVE, a romantic suspense filled with Irish lore in Michigan is also on sale for a limited time.

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, I'm preparing a few giveaways for a Springfield MO writers group called Sleuths Ink. Based in mystery, the members enjoy program presentations such as Medical Examiner's and Coroner's reports, crime scenes, etc. Sleuths sponsors JANO which is the same as NANO, but in January. (January writing 50k words is much easier than writing through the holidays :)) 

With other prizes, here's my St. Patrick's Day dishcloths that will be offered to Sleuths. That's as close as I could come to a shamrock. :)

I hope you enjoy the Irish in Blarney Flats, AR (fictional town), and

Just .99 for a limited time.

 RETURN TO FAIRY COVE (What Memories Remain)
On sale for 2.99, limited time

 "Riveting romantic suspense!"
Since childhood, Cyd Callahan has been haunted by an attacker whose identity has never been discovered. Whatever happened to her when she was six years old (and was called Molly Claire) has roots so deep that she can't forget. She's unable to recall the man's face, but she remembers hearing "I'm the Night Man and I'll be back for you..."

Ewan Lochlain has returned to Fairy Cove to clear is family's name and uncover the mystery of his parents' boating accident. He must prove his father did not try to murder his mother. Yet somehow, on that fateful day, both his parents died. Ewan has to ease his pain and find some peace before the bitterness of the past eats away his future.

Just as Ewan held little Molly Claire as a child, 21 years later he's holding Cyd, comforting her with gentle words and dreams of gnomes and fairies. The key to unlocking their demons also unlocks their hearts. With passion, combined with strength and gentleness, they find the love and peace in each other they so richly deserve.

WHAT MEMORIES REMAIN is riveting. This romantic suspense thriller is embedded with so many questions, so much drama and intrigue, it makes us yearn for answers. As it captivates all our senses with an utterly sensuous love story, it weaves a story so compelling, so mysterious, it leaves one breathless. And the ending will leave you speechless. I'm reading it again just to make sure I didn't miss anything. It's a masterpiece.
Reviewed by The Best Reviews Suzanne Tucker


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