Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Writer's Whimsy

Romantic Suspense (What Memories Remain)

With the Irish dancing around us today, I'd like a visit to Fairy Cove, Michigan where they still speak of goblins and kissing the Blarney Stone.

Which is why I feel like indulging in whimsy that I hope writers AND readers will understand:

A book is a story, and a story is living magic. It has a pulse, quickening and slowing, drawing the reader deeper into the story.

There are writers who create what my editor called "cookie cutter" stories. These lack spark, the same-old, same-old. But guess what? Sometimes these sell well. Some readers like the expected from their favorite authors.

Sometimes the magic just isn't there, no matter how much editing is done. Critiques and over-editing, a wrong editor for the piece can suck the life right out of a story. The right editor, the right critique bunch can add a few little nip and tucks to keep the story's magic pulse and on the right track.

(He's Irish, he's charming and just the match for money shark Taylor.)

A story is like a child: it is created from a spark/idea, nurtured and born onto pages. And then, somewhere in the process, the writer, like a mother, must accept that the umbilical cord should be cut. Our lovely little child, so beloved, is sent off into the cruel world to be loved or not.

And that is how I see writer's stories, as living piece with a pulse to delight, terrify, love or not loved. A writer learns a craft, but somehow I believe the stories are within the writer already; they just need special handling to be born. It's a fact that some writers are more gifted than others, but if they are writers, they will write. If life interferes, the story will wait and return to the writer.

Because it's magic.

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