Sunday, February 08, 2015

Valentines Day .99 Sale

ALL .99 FOR A LIMITED TIME... (That's US. Not a clue the cost in other currencies)

The Pendragon Virus: Kindle / Nook / iBooks / Kobo
Miracles and Mistletoe: Kindle / Nook / iBooks / Kobo*
*Gotta love Psychics who love.
The Loving Season (MacLeans No. 1): Kindle / Nook / iBooks / Kobo

Lady Desperado: A Western Novella*: Kindle / Nook 
*I think you'll enjoy the sly humor on this one. The lady is a gunsmith.
Death by Coupon: Novelette (Sue Kowalski Mystery No. 1) Kindle / Nook / iBooks / Kobo
Death by Salsa Dancing: Novelette (Sue Kowalski Mystery No. 2): Kindle / Nook / iBooks / Kobo
(I absolutely love the word, "Novelette", but not the word, "Linoleum". It's just a weird word. :))

Lady on the Line Caseys no. 1: Kindle
A Lady’s Desire Caseys no. 2: Kindle / Nook
Gambler’s Lady: Kindle / Nook

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