Monday, January 26, 2015

Notes of the Day

It’s a Monday, so I’m outlining my day and week. And wondering where I spend my time. Mondays are my usual taking care of business day.
I have The Bride Says No book and cover to lift up to Indy publishing. It's a perfect Valentine's Day book. (Watch for it?) I used my neighbor’s fence and a rose shot. There’s e-mail to send. There’s Twitter and Facebook stuff, Life stuff—like getting the recycling down to the center.

On top of that, I have to worry about this doll. (See below. Ad work comes first, you know.)

People wonder where I get my ideas from, and this is a fine example. I saw this doll in a thrift shop and fell in love with her. (Yes, I love thrift shops. :) She is unusual for our area. For one thing her eyes blink, not something you’d usually see in thrift shop. Her little dress has Ich Bin Lieb Stamped on it, which is German. (She needs her panties repaired.) My daughter knows how to fix ratty doll hair, learned on Pinterest. I am not a doll collector, btw. This one just caught me.

Moving on to examine the doll's back... She evidently spoke at one time. I’d love to hear her, though the tiny record isn’t playing now. If anyone knows how to get this working I’d love to know.

So. Here’s the story I came up with: This doll was actually used by a spy. Here’s why that premise is valid: In our tech world we’re expecting high-tech stuff, rather than the simplicity of a speaking doll record. Spy catchers could overlook this doll. And there’s no end to the secrets that little battery could hold.

Oh my gosh! Maybe those stacks at 45 and 78 records could hold all sorts of secrets! :) Anyway, that doll fascinates me and I’m certain there is a story in her somewhere… She’ll turn up in one of my books.

The rest of the week is pretty much work because I’m trying to get those precious links into my Indy ebooks. January and February are hard working months for me, because when spring comes...

There’s always a gripe. Here's a short one: the cost of inkjet cartridges, which can be more than an actual printer.

If you have any idea what is on that doll’s little record, let me know?

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