Thursday, November 13, 2014

Humor Mystery Novelette Series


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Introducing Sue Kowalski, a Kansas City suburb homicide detective. Recently divorced, Sue holds her own in the all-male force. As the smallest, most agile, Sue has been been hefted up, lowered down, and scrunched into places no woman should enter. She craves good bear-claw pastry, coffee, and Jose Morales, a co-worker. Her chances for the first two are good.

Death by Coupon: A body found outside an alley dumpster has Sue working a new case. The Body was a couponer, desperate enough to climb into the dumpster after them. The scissors found in her throat said someone didn’t like her. But then, as temporary lead detective, Sue finds no one liked Maggie, not even her husband. The question is: Who killed Maggie? And can Sue learn the ins and outs of couponing?

Death by Salsa Dancing: A dead body found in Gino DiMarco’s house sets Detective Sue Kowalski on the run to save her ex-stepfather (Mom’s husband Number Four). Gino, a former mob knee-capper, is distraught: his wife, Hilda’s salsa dancer teacher is dead, Hilda alias the She-Wolf is missing and he’s a likely suspect. Sue has to act fast to protect him.
NOTE: Watch for more of the ex-stepfathers coming up. I had so much fun with Gino.

From Cait: I've been wanting to try a light, first person short story series, but Sue's stories are turning out to be longer than a short story and shorter than a novella, thus: NOVELETTES.

How Sue Because I know a lot of hobbyists, and I am one, my light research is easy. Sue Kowalski's name was difficult to settle into, because I really, really wanted to honor an old wrestler, Killer Kowalski. And Kowalski is the 2nd most popular name in Poland. And finding a common first name slid into Sue. After all, Johnny Cash did that song, you know, about A Boy Named Sue.

I hope you like these light humor mysteries which will be available in other channels soon.
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Sue and I are really busy preparing for the upcoming holidays and hope you are well and happy, too.

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