Sunday, November 16, 2014

Book Land's Early Christmas

Is it too early to think about Christmas? IMHO it is too early, prior to Thanksgiving.

But in BookLand, authors are busy getting Christmas books out there. And so am I. (Check out my updated Book List)

But the Other Side of me, that homey side is busy gift-making.

I have a whole line-up this year, and beaucoup thanks to a good friend, Carolin. She helped me get down one crochet stitch, which has served me well during lots of stress. After a full day's work, I crochet dishcloths. It's so much fun choosing the colors to suit the person I want to gift. They are great little gifts. So me and my one stitch have been busy. I have no idea how many I've made and gifted. Caro has promised to teach me a new stitch next year.

This is a big flat basket filled with my crocheting stuff. I did just crochet an eternity scarf for someone who needs to cover her nose and mouth during winter chill. And I'm headed toward those Tunisian needles someday. Maybe. :)

I usually bake cookies, and always, always, gingersnaps.

This year, I think I'll make apple butter and homemade laundry soap. Maybe.:)

But those little dishcloths have done wonders for my stress levels, topping off the night with a movie and crocheting.

My current Work in Progress features a heroine who does a lot of this homemade stuff, so I have experienced what I write. Most authors research their topics, but quite a few of us sew, paint, and have creative hobbies, aside from our profession, writing.

Meanwhile, if you're stocking up your Christmas reading, do check out the links to my Christmas "Snuggable" List on my Book List Page, which is growing.

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