Monday, October 06, 2014

The Reoganized DIY Writer:


 It's a New Publishing World: My background is “legacy” publishing, that is, the traditional big publishers and some of my books have been reverted to me. Others remain with the publishers. I’m slowly indie publishing my reverted books and new work, no easy process, and quite time-consuming, for a DIYer. It’s been a stiff learning curve. 
Info Note: THE LOVING SEASON was my first book as Cait London and the first of several MacLeans.

Repeat: It's a whole new publishing world. FORGET the tons of paper swag, the review clipping services, purchasing reams of paper for printing ARCs, big postage bills for mailouts, etc.

It's all about Networking. Groups can promote each other and are really important now. Aligned with other authors, promotion ripples around the individual. Boxed sets, anthologies, etc. spread promotion around. Getting in with a knowledgeable group means you carry your share. Slackers beware: It’s a tit for tat deal. 

Life Balance and Being comfortable: I’m watching my limitations of what I can do with time/energy/life situation, and everyone is different. I’m not in the fast promo lane, but I’m comfortable with what I’m doing now. I’m not over-extended, I have a life balance—not always easy for writers, and I’m comfortable with what I’m doing. That’s important to me, to be comfortable.

 You can just write and leave the sales work to services or publishers. There are real advantages to writing for publishers. NOTE: You still have to promote heavily. One friend devotes 2 days a week to promotion.

!!Before signing with a service or a publisher, take care with the DIVORCE clause in the contract. And that includes when rights are reversed.

But today, I'm busy. Here’s some of what I’m doing now:
  • Writing new work. New Work is essential and time/quiet/concentration is not easy. Disconnecting from social media is essential for me to write and keep in the story.
  • Redoing my first indie publishing efforts in 2011/covers/formatting. Many hire this done and I’ve bought covers and done them myself.
  •  I updated my computer, tablet, etc. for more social media apps. It’s all about social media. I’m basically a Twitterer (love TweetDeck app, etc.) as it is fast and I like the movement. Making the choice between all the social media is important, though promotion series can be hired.
  • Looked for eloops that would offer how-tos and support when asked. Finding the right fit isn’t that easy. I now belong to 3 and try to keep active in them.
  • Keeping lists. I keep tons of lists, i.e. promotion places, services, etc. A good note taking program is essential. Handy lists to copy/paste: links to books, reviews per book, awards, etc.
  • Checking my book list. This is a long list of titles, published dates, awards, placement in best seller lists. Does anyone remember Waldenbooks or B. Dalton?:)
  • Updating my promo bio. Choosey has an excellent article on this. That’s what I like about Twitter—exposure to info not in my usual realm.
  • Creating Twitter posts to cut and paste. Thank you, Donna Fazano. She has been a super mentor, beautiful person.
  • Lining up promotions. Never good at keeping a calendar, so this is a challenge for me. I'm busy with that today, and like other writers, trying to get ahead of the holidays.

The Holidays. Sigh. :)

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Donna Fasano said...

*blush* Thank you so much for mentioning me, Cait. You're pretty fabulous, yourself...always sending me tips and tidbits of information. I'm honored to call you friend.