Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Love Fall and Pumpkins

In the fall season, I love to get out and drive, snap some shots, and maybe visit some festivals.

When looking for pumpkins for homemade pies, I think the ugliest pumpkin--a pale brown--has the best thick orange meat. FWIW: I think pumpkins should be stored and eaten, not massacred. I'm OK with painting them, though. :)

Just now, the Ozarks are starting to turn into gorgeous fall color, which will flame across the hills. With a lot of nut trees, you can see wild turkeys along the road. They are not that pretty, but at least they are not the ugliest--turkey vultures.

The leaves in the center are sassafras. Not really sure what part of the tree is used for healing Ozark tea.

My neighbor's persimmon tree was loaded this year and the pits held the shape of a spoon. Translated: Bad Winter. Spoons equal shovels. Shovels for snow. Which is why I am ordering more wood for the fireplace insert.

During this time, I usually visit the Amish, pick up baking supplies, etc. and generally just enjoy life.

I hope you do, too. :)

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