Monday, September 15, 2014

New Cover Look

Lady on the Line: Amazon or Nook
Lady's Desire: Amazon or Nook

Lady on the Line was my very first book and first of the Casey 2-books. I dedicated it to my mother, Stella (a name I used for a mother in Season of Truth (romantic suspense). A Lady’s Desire is the second Casey.

This is a new cover look for my series books and I hope you like it. It’s basic, but does the deal, I hope. At the time, real models were photographed and painted per book, or that’s what I understood.

Back in the Day, the distributor here gave a program on his take for covers. Lady on the Line would have been labeled “Nursing Mother” by him. He had lots of those labels, including “Vampire”, for the hero kissing the heroine’s neck.

So Back in the Day, Lady on the Line was titled by Janet Dailey. My first agent sold it to Berkley Second Chance at Love line, and my first editor spent time teaching me writing points, i.e. plotting. Back then, editors did not have such encompassing/variety of duties and concentrated on stories/writers. So more time was spent developing a writer, whom they hoped would be faithful to the publisher.

I am everylastingly grateful to Joan Marlow Golan, my first editor, who the agent (Ray Peekner) labeled “a honey.” She took me through Lady on the Line, chapter by chapter, working through the how-tos, correcting the chapter, before moving on. At the time, she requested a 10-chapter outline, done in numbered paragraphs. Each paragraph needed 2 sentences: 1.) what’s happening in the story and 2.) what’s happening between the characters.

She spent a lot of time with me (note: grateful) on the first book, but little thereafter. I asked why (doubter that I am), and she said I had a lot of stories in me (which I do), and the publisher wanted them out of me. I am truly “full of it” for story ideas and I’ve used a variety of plotting methods since then, including enlarging each of those paragraphs.

Those early books were written for the time, the real macho males, which I softened that take in re-editing them for publication.

I hope you like the new cover look—it takes a few tries to get a good cover look. And I hope you like Lady on the Line, the story of a woman lineman.  

Lady on the Line: Amazon or Nook
Lady's Desire: Amazon or Nook

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