Thursday, August 07, 2014

Love on the Oregon Trail



"Cait Logan [London] beautifully blends the heart-tugging atmosphere of an Americana Western with a humorous, poignant love story sizzling with sexual tension on the Oregon Trail. NIGHT FIRE is a marvelous read."

I drove the Oregon Trail, researching along the way. There are parts that cannot be accessed, but what an experience!

As you're standing on the windswept hills, viewing one of the many cemeteries, you can just feel the hardships and determination. We visited each of the landmarks, which the emigrants had to reach by a specific time--or get caught in winter snows.

I like this cover better than the original. See Below:

I hope you check out my other BOOKS and western historical romances because I've been to all the locales and researched thoroughly. I loved driving the NW trails.

And get out and drive, if you can, visit the forts, the rendezvous spots, etc. It's a wonderful experience.

And#2 I would so appreciate reviews NIGHT FIRE, now published at Amazon and Nook. Thank you in advance!

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