Monday, April 14, 2014

My Aries Birthday Reviews

April is my birthday month, and I usually give a lot of thought to the past and the future.

I fall within the Aries sign, so you know what that means: We're going to go for the gusto. :)

Right now, my schedule is full and is getting fuller. A graphic artist is finishing a cover for me, which is at the top of the list. Can't wait. Then, I'm doing the covers for 2 mystery short stories.

!!Also, I'm gifting 5 each review copies for Be Mine and for Donovan's Second Chance. This is a first for me, future plans and all that.

Specs on the review drawings: For Nook and for Kindle: 5 copies of Be Mine, a western historical and 5 copies of Donovan's Second Chance, names to be drawn April 22 (unless I change the date to longer, maybe the end of the month?).

Just send your preference of either Be Mine or Donovan's Second Chance to CaitLondonBooks, Subject: Review Books, and specify either Kindle or Nook and your e-address for that company. I'll draw 5 names for each book.

If this works well, I may try it every month! Or, if you just want to write to me, just use CaitLondonBooks,

With another 2 weeks to go on April, no telling what else I'll be doing! I have major plans for the big easel I bought myself.

Until next time,

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