Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cover Delight: The Wedding Gamble

THE WEDDING GAMBLE has a super new cover. I love it! Thank you,

BTW, I traveled to the setting, Fort Benton, MT and researched on site as well as lots of research digging. I travel to all the sites of my books, sometimes driving cross country. This book involves historical billiards and is the only romance in the Museum of Billiards, last I was notified.  I'll have more on this in my upcoming enewsletter.

The original cover was gorgeous, too, a rose with a wedding ring on the stem. Simple effective, etc.

Montana 1881:
Top billiardist Cairo Brown owns her own elegant parlor and she’s on her way to her dreams. But she takes on a down-on-his luck gunslinger as a challenger and the game is on. Solomon Wolfe needs a grubstake to give his not-sweet six-year old niece the home he’s promised. And she’s needing a temporary “Ma”. When he bets a battered wedding ring and a run-down ranch against everything the lady has and wants, Solomon and Cairo are in for a collision of sexy, humorous surprises against a backdrop of deadly revenge.

I love this story and so did the reviewers apparently. Here's a stack of them, so you get the idea:

Publisher’s Weekly
The unusual twist on the “marriage of convenience” device provides an extra dollop of delight while the carefully detailed background adds richness to a satisfying story about two survivors surprised by love. Complex family entanglements and revenge culminate in a rousing finish to this thoroughly enjoyable western romance.

Romantic Times, Frances L. Trainor
Though an emotional read, THE WEDDING GAMBLE is not without humor. On the surface, Solomon is a hardened gunfighter and Cairo a driven lady. Ms. Logan [London] one of the most popular writers in the genre, delivers reading pleasure while peeling away the layers to expose Solomon and Cairo’s true worth.

Affaire de Coeur, Laurel Gainer
I just couldn’t put the book down! The plot was just full to overflowing with wonderful characters, hilarious trouble and tempestuous passion!

 Feel and understand life in the old west as Cait Logan [London] takes you on this adventure in a great detail. Call the shot--every turn of the page is another match you do not want to miss. And all for the love of the game.

B. Dalton’s Heart to Heart
 This sexy, captivating historical romance is filled with unforgettable characters, so The Wedding Gamble is no gamble--it’s a winner all the way.
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