Thursday, March 20, 2014

She's Back...

 SEASON OF TRUTH* Romantic Suspense
(On Kindle Prime for a Limited Time)

Down on her luck, Chloe returns to her hometown and childhood friends, Angelica and Josy. Her arrival stirs a dark haunting past and Michael Bearclaw, who wants to settle an old score with her. The town’s ruling Club isn’t happy as the three women and their new loves untangle old mysteries.

*Season of Truth is a retitle of Three Kisses, one of my first romantic suspense. I'm loving this cover better than the original. Cover Design by Melody Simmons of eBookindiecovers.

Season of Truth, (that truly is a better suited title) will be featured at March 22. 

I'm hoping that you'll enjoy Season of Truth and want to read and review more of my romantic suspense. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and I'm starting Pinterest, which just could be addictive. An e-newsletter is available for free subscription.

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