Wednesday, March 26, 2014


HIDDEN SECRETS now on Kindle.
(soon on Nook)

I love small town secrets and HIDDEN SECRETS is loaded with them.

Romantic Suspense: While secrets drift around Godfrey, a small mountain town, Marlo has her own problems: She sees things--before they happen. She doesn't want to know, doesn't want to know... 

But Spence, her teenage love, isn't making things easy and people around them start dying.

Marlo's senses are kicking up and someone is very angry with her for prodding the past, for digging into what the killer doesn't want exposed...

The killer makes appearances but the unveiling of who will surprise readers. This is a well-written mystery... Hidden Secrets is a rich story that keeps the reader turning the pages. Shirley Lyons, The Romance Reader

HIDDEN SECRETS has the perfect combination of romance and suspense. Spence and Marlo are unforgettable lovers and this is an unforgettable story. It has a carefully woven plot with twists and turns that keep you on the edge. Packed with secrets, suspense, mysteries, romance and friendships, it's captivating, satisfying and should not be missed. Suzanne Tucker, The Best Reviews
Originally published in paper, HIDDEN SECRETS is now available in ebook form. I love this cover by artist NajlQamberDesigns. I hope you'll join our enewsletter, which will soon will soon be offering contests. Just SUBSCRIBE...

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