Thursday, February 27, 2014

Yum: Donovan's Second Chance

DONOVAN'S SECOND CHANCE is now available in Kindle and Nook.

Contemporary Romance: Quinn is a single dad, who hasn't been with a woman in years. His only interest is in his 4-year old daughter's happiness, and that of his family in Blarney Flats, Arkansas. But when Taylor Hart arrives to sell her inherited property to developers, the town's magical safety and this "boyo" are stirred up. He's hot and bothered, and getting "Tay" to see things his way isn't easy....

This is a Cait London classic, and I really enjoyed the story again. See that gristmill in the background? That's Quinn and his daughter's home.

Quinn has a brother Cadell, and he'd be an interesting next choice for a story. :)

DONOVAN'S SECOND CHANCE 2.99 is now available in Kindle and Nook.

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