Monday, December 09, 2013

New! The Basket Maker's Wife

I’m thrilled to present another facet of my writing, The Basket Maker’s Wife.

I’ve written romantic suspense, contemporary romance, western romance, psychic stuff and humor. The BasketMaker’s Wife leans more to women’s fiction with a little intuitive mixed in. It’s set in contemporary Missouri Ozarks, in a small town called Mill Haven—because there is a mill there.

The book is titled The Basket Maker’s Wife because Jessie, an elderly woman and the wife of a basket maker, is one of the story leads. White oak baskets, woven in different shapes for different purposes are just fascinating, and I own several.

Portions of myself are in every book I create, and The Basket Maker’s Wife is one of my favorites. This story is set in Missouri’s Ozarks, where so many handcrafters live, where backyard gardens flourish. In spring, Missouri’s redbud trees bloom, a burst of bright fuchsia color on the rolling hills.

The craft of basket making is passed down, as you can read in the story. The Basket Maker’s Wife concerns the Celtic trio: The Maiden, The Mother, and The Crone (Elder woman). Those are the three stages of a woman’s life, and I hope you enjoy the women, their lives and loves in The Basket Maker’s Wife.

The cast of characters is large and deep. Not all readers appreciate a large cast, but this is a community filled with different characters who impact upon the story. Mill Haven and its surrounding small farms have lots of heart as you’ll discover.

Nora, the woman in the center of the trio, is facing major crisises. Not just one life problem, but a whole list. I loved writing about Nora, Jessie, and “The Gift”, another woman.

I love this book and am writing the second and loving it, too. It will take some time to complete, but I am truly into these stories. It was a real stretch to write this book, so different from my others, a true heart and soul story. To be continued….

I hope you will want to read The Basket Maker’s Wife. You’ll find more news in my enewsletter, available for free subscription.

BTW, didn't the designer do a beautiful job? Love the cover!

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