Monday, November 18, 2013

Mr. Easy's New Cover

Here's a new cover for MR. EASY, courtesy of designer Jennifer Quinn. I love his new look and he's only 2.99.

Mr. Easy is now in epub, for those who loved him in paperback and want another date with him.

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Mr. Easy's Blurb:
Denied his only child since her birth, master angler Wyatt Remington has finally located his daughter and cute little granddaughter.

In disguise, Wyatt hopes he gets to know his daughter, who thinks the worst of him, before introducing himself as her father. Hey. What's he going to say? "Where have I been all your life? I am a nice guy, not what your mother told you."

But Tallulah Ames, alias "Stretch" the town's matchmaker, isn't letting this lech anywhere near her little chicks. She's a tall redhead, athletic, fiercely protective, and burned by love.

Wyatt is out to catch the keeper, Tallulah, and to have his family reunited. He's slow, methodical, and a delicious angler who's after everything!

Thanks for the great cover look, Jenny!

I hope you enjoy MR. EASY. I love him! And don't forget to check out my other books at my book page or Amazon Author Page.

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