Saturday, October 26, 2013

Writer's Visuals and Ideas

 Writers often use visuals, i.e. maps, pictures of movie stars, settings.

While visiting family in Lexington, KY, my young friends had toys that might be used as visuals by writers.

The house scene with little people could easily be used by mystery writers. Doll houses have been used a lot by sci-fi and horror writers. The girl who owns this arranges the people all the time. I watched her and thought, she's thinking of stories, of how these people should look, or where they are and their activies. It was interesting to watch her arrange these toys. I wondered what went through her mind as she studied the arrangements. Was she thinking of her own life and what she would do?

To me, she looked almost like Alice in Wonderland, as if she could step into this tiny toy and become part of it.

This spacecraft consists of over 600 pieces and the boy who put it together, did it in an hour. I see all sorts of Starwars and Space Pirate stories coming out of this toy.

The beautiful girl with her long waving hair is a study in herself, the meticulous/thoughtful way she handles the toys.

You can just see adventure in the boy's eyes as he handles this ship. You have to wonder where he'll go and what he'll see and what vehicle he'll use in future times.

Both toys and children were extremely interesting studies that I'm sure will pop up in one of my stories somewhere. :)

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Sandy said...

What a lovely visual. I'm sure those children are coming up with lots of ideas. As a kid, I did, too. A fun blog, Cait.