Friday, August 09, 2013

Films: Overused Love Scene

Since it's shark week, I've decided to post a gripe, which is....

Over-used, zip for romance or even compassion, and wish it never happened so-called love/sex scene...

One of my favorite TV shows just used it. I've seen it too many times and wish whatever producers, etc. are signing off on this stuff, would do a re-think. It's done so much that I wonder if they need ratings and pull a standard out of the bag.

By this time, after so much repetition, they should leave it in the bag.

You know the love/sex scene: Hurry up with sex. Scrape the dishes off the table. Man dives in for sex. Woman wraps her legs around him.

Before I tell you how this over used scene could be fixed, let's count the ways that this scene can cost women viewers. Be prepared :):

1. Generally foreplay hasn't happened. Tenderness is zip/nada. Most women like some anticipation, some appreciation for who they are.

2. Ok, unless the couple is younger, middle-age people are likely to have back problems, etc. Yes, there are realities in body movement. What could be worse that a guy's back out of whack, after quickie lovemaking? So then the woman--if she is able--has to help/tend him. It's ye old, you play, you pay.

3.  OR: The very weight of the top player, if a man, could really hurt a woman's lighter physique.

4. Who's ever on the table, especially after a meal, is going to get salad in their hair and dressing, etc. on their clothes. The ground zero player is usually a woman, and probably won't like that very much.

5. The top player could be stepping in garbage or broken glass. If salad dressing, etc. has been spilled, his shoes could slip and both players could end up rolling in whatever.

6. At any rate, the table must be sturdy.

7. After play. Good golly. Where's any brush of romance in the table clearing sex scene?

The simple fix:
Depending on how sensual film makers what to go, leaning in close, hands on face, lifting for a kiss gives a lot to said romance--even if there is no romance, but some measure of tenderness. The man picks up the woman and carries her out of viewers sight--presumably to bed, where they can linger in the after glow.

!!!The plus to the man carrying the woman--if he can--is this: It presents a romantic picture. If she snuggles in close, etc. she can be very feminine. It presents him as a warrior, and here's where the old Captive Bride theme appeals to women.

OR: She tantalizes or pulls him slowly out of viewer's sight. This gives her a lot of presence, the power of attraction, because the stronger male lets her.

Yep. There's a lot more to filling film/viewer minutes space than drawing that table scene off the shelf--the dusty shelf.

What do you think? Any un-favorite scenes that are too often repeated?


J.L. Campbell said...

You make some good points here. Apart from the gymnastics to get the act done, the thought of cleaning up afterward would take away some of the thrill.

Thelma said...

This is gorgeous!