Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Writers&Artists R Us

Just who are writers? Who are these people, who create the books we love to read. I thought you might like a little insight into what kind of person writes books.... rather stories.

We're a mixed breed, but generally the best writers get out from their desks and experience life in whatever form they love.

Creative people have a big problem, and that is TIME AND ENERGY. It's a hard choice, where to spend our time and energy, while some other element of our creative composition tugs at us.

 The geese is one of my paintings, an acrylic done some time ago, before I started writing heavily. I've found that I cannot paint and write during the same time frame. One of them has to go and for a time, it's been painting. This one is quite large by the way. My forte, if any, would be waterscapes, landscapes, and animals. I'm longing to try new techniques, i.e. Will Terry's iPad ProCreate App layout for book covers.

I also take a lot of photos, and use some on my covers. These are roses taken from a street in California. A Lady's Desire was one of my first books, now in epub.

I take a lot of flower pictures, just 'cause. These have dew on them. Like other authors, I'm fascinated by the ocean, and you can read about my drive down 101 Hwy in California.. Or my entire 5000 road trip across the NW in a previous post.

Many, many writers love to garden and cook. Or sew. If you join Facebook (Please Like my Page :)), you'll see more of their private interests, plus their books.  But most take their life experiences and somehow roll them into a book, either as the main theme, or as background.

It seems to me that most have animals of some kind, and cats seem to love their owner's keyboards. Ok, it's attention getting: Must Pet and Love Me.

For now, I'm not painting as much as I would like. Bought new supplies. They're waiting.

Have material waiting. I had to buy a prairie bonnet recently, this for a cover a new book, and that was irksome as I used to sew all my 3 daughters clothes and made them prairie dresses and bonnets to match.

Any writer feels split between their bubbling, fascinating stories flowing from their keyboards, the games their characters want to play--and those creative corners in the other parts of our lives. It's difficult making those choices.

I'd so love to hear from others, torn between their stories and characters, and other elements needing to be fed, such as travel. If you have two favorite activities, each tugging at you, while you're doing another, tell us how you feel. Maybe we'll form a club! :)


Velda Brotherton said...

So right, Cait. I so miss painting. I'll see something so lovely my fingers literally itch to grab a brush and canvas. But alas, writing has taken over. I too made all my own clothes and my children's. Haven't done that in a long while. I love photography and did all my own while writing features for the newspaper. So you are talking about me and I'd bet hundreds of other writers who create in so many fields. We do need a club.

Shirley said...

Two activities pulling at me? Seriously, only two? Grandkids, writing, reading, work, crocheting, housecleaning, caregiver, mom. The list goes on. And forget the housecleaning. That's a lost cause anymore.

BTW, I love your blog. I've gotta play with blogger some more.

Cait London said...

Shirlely: I just shared your Blog Hop post on FB.

Velda: we need a hashtag :)

Denise Lynn said...

Amazing how trimming out a new slipcover, arranging squares for a quilt, or having a mouthful of pins suddenly clears up a vexing plot problem...

Lois K. said...

I don't quilt, but I've heard that it is mind-arranging. Isn't it amazing how many writers have other creative outlets?

Rose Anderson said...

From painting to carving I dabble in everything that isn't knitting or crochet. I just can't seem to get those processes down. I find a break from writing into another creative outlet lets me return to writing renewed.

Margery Scott said...

Do I have to choose only two? I have no artistic talent, but I love to knit, crochet, cross-stitch, play piano ... and my non-creative outlet - I shoot pool. And I'm learning photography and Photoshop. So many things to do and learn, so little time.

Doranna said...

Wow, feels like I pretty much could have written this one. I miss my art so much! But pulling together cover art does help fill the gap a little. 8)

D'Ann said...

I love to garden, take pictures, especially of horses and cattle, and interesting faces. I love anything horse, but especially trail riding. There aren't enough hours in the day.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi, Cait,

It happens I do landscape painting as well. I think your work is beautiful!

Mary Montague Sikes said...

Hi Cait,

Velda sounds exactly like me except right now painting is at the top of my list. In April, for the A to Z Blog Challenge, I did a painting a day and have a show of that work planned for later in the year.

Mary Montague Sikes

Cait London said...

So much talent and interests.

Rose, I'm w/you and would rather paint, etc. I've never been able to do repetitive things well, but admire people who can crochet and knit.

Margery, I researched historical billiards for a book, and have to say, pretty interesting. I like graphic arts, too, but I'm pitiful.

Seems like there are lots of writer-gardeners, D'Ann. Maybe we're really builders, making things grow, i.e. gardens.

Thank you, Jacqueline. I'm writing more now and not as skilled now as painting full time.

Mary Montague Sikes does lovely work.

So many talented people!

Jean Lamb said...

Only two interests? I would love to dance a lot more (though my body doesn't like to follow through as much as in the past), and painting in my head (I can see, but my hands just laugh, alas). I also like to knit.