Friday, May 17, 2013

Writing to the Eerie

Silence the Whispers is now at Kindle and soon other places. This is one of my all-time favorite romantic suspense stories. But then, I love 'em all. :)

In going over my long career of writing across romance subgenres, which include humor (believe it or not) I may prefer romantic suspense with a touch of eerie. Silence the Whispers is definitely eerie as this Oklahoma heiress thinks she's losing her mind.

Haunted by eerie whispers, heiress Cameron Somerton is driven to uncover the secrets of her past. When big, hard-looking Hayden Olson moves in next door, she senses he’s hunting her. Why? Has he been sent to harm her?

Hayden wants answers to his family’s disaster and she’s the key. When they become uneasy lovers, he isn’t expecting Cameron’s sensuality or his fascination with her.

Stirred into action, a dormant evil believes that murder is a small price to keep secrets… Can Hayden protect her and unravel the horrible secrets of Cameron’s haunting whispers?
Silence the Whispers  joins a string of other Preferred Edition (that's my indie version) romantic suspense, Return to Fairy Cove, Season of Truth, Sleepless in Montana, and When Night Falls. My publishers also have my other ebooks and paper.

One reader thanked me for reissuing my books in epub and I'm so glad that indie publishing is allowing me to explore this avenue. I've learned so much. The above book covers are my own work and I have more to do in reissuing my backlist. (Can't wait to get to my unpublished new ones.)

Loved Silence the Whispers eerie tree background, don't you?

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