Friday, August 03, 2012

Classic Category Returns!

Now on Sale: Gambler's Lady at .99 for a limited time.

Gambler's Lady is now in epub, listed at the above. I labeled the story as a classic, because it's my SECOND ever book.

You'll notice by the original covers, seen below, that the author's name is Cait Logan. Well, now in epub, Cait London serves better.

The original cover is pretty dashing, listed below and probably a better representation of Nick and Kim's love story.  Originally a SCAL (Berkley's great Second Chance at Love) it was edited by Joan Marlow (Golan). I'll always be grateful for her help and guidance.

Who knew?! I just wanted my name on one book cover and this led to an entire career!

But Wait! Gambler's Lady was reprinted in Berkley's Charter Line.

I led the Charter line with Tame the Fury, a western historical, and a great cover, too. Not yet re-released.

As for the story, it's basic romance and that's why I labeled it "Classic".  Nick is pure "Alpha" hero, which means he's not exactly sharing his "feminine side".

Then: Gambler's Lady is not erotica and sometimes shorter books can get tossed into the same bin. Secondly, it's a pretty standard story without suspense that is usual for my books.

Thirdly: It's just a sturdy good romance.

Here's the blurb:
Tough casino owner Nick Santos has a big problem: his ex-wife, an unfit mother, is lurking, wanting custody of their daughter. The minute he sees Kim Reynolds, who's seeking work to fund her fitness business, Nick knows what he wants, a temporary wife. But he isn't Kim's idea of a gentleman and she's not buying. When she takes this gambler's wager, Kim finds herself married and in love with his 4-year old daughter. This hands-off arrangement isn't working, because Nick's hunger for Kim is raging, and hers is returning the favor, and he's set on a real marriage...

I hope you enjoy Gambler's Lady and more of my Classics, selling well now, i.e.: Midnight Rider and Rugged Glory. I was just thrilled when a reader said that she searched for my books in used book stores and now could read the story all over again on her e-reader. How sweet!

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Angela said...

I love that you're bringing your back list to the forefront, Cait. Thank you!