Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Return to Fairy Cove

Return to Fairy Cove by Cait London (that's me) is the new title for What Memories Remain 2004. Now in e-publishing, this story has a new title and a new look.

Set on the shores of Lake Michigan, (a gorgeous real place I loved to visit and research) fictional Fairy Cove is saturated with great Scots-Irish lore.  There is nothing like the feel of actually visiting the site of fictional stories.

I also loved researching wooden boat building, which the hero, Ewan is set to do....

Reviewed originally as What Memories Remain, Return to Fairy Cove, is the story of world-worn Ewan Lochlain returning with his dream of building handcrafted boats, the same as his father, in the same lakeside shop. It's a promise to himself that he intends to keep.

But fiery Cyd Callahan has big plans for the lakeside shop, including making a mint from its sale. Haunted by her childhood, she'll do no favors for one smooth talking, gorgeous hunk, Ewan Lochlain. And she's set for revenge....

Determined to stake his claim on what’s his, including flame-haired Cyd, Ewan is haunted by his parents’ deaths— which are somehow linked to Cyd’s terrifying, hidden memories, and to deadly secrets. Now people are dying in Fairy Cove and a killer is stalking the night…

Here's what reviewers have to say:

WHAT MEMORIES REMAIN [RETURN TO FAIRY COVE] is riveting. This romantic suspense thriller is embedded with so many questions, so much drama and intrigue, it makes us yearn for answers. As it captivates all our senses with an utterly sensuous love story, it weaves a story so compelling, so mysterious, it leaves one breathless. And the ending will leave you speechless. I'm reading it again just to make sure I didn't miss anything. It's a masterpiece.
Reviewed by Suzanne Tucker
Romantic Times:
London is back with an edgy thriller that's sharp and taut. Cyd and Ewan are very complex individuals with loads of baggage, and tension is rife in this gripping read. 
Reviewed By: Jill M. Smith

I hope you enjoy Return to Fairy Cove and I hope you can visit Lake Michigan's shoreline and lighthouses as I did. :)

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