Monday, August 01, 2011

The Best-Selling Tallchiefs

Oldies and Goodies, that's what Harlequin has stashed in their Treasury section. (List Below)

You can find your favorite authors by placing Name Name Harlequin Treasury. Some of the following are a part of my Tallchief Series, and the order is on the postcard above. This series came out to 10, I believe, a best-selling series based on the contemporary descendants of a Scotswoman and a Sioux chieftain. The family of 5 was orphaned when the eldest was 18, and they stayed together. Each book is based on a legend concerning an item from Una's (Scotswoman) dowry, etc. Each family member set out to reclaim the historical item, and the legend comes true.

My editor at the time Melissa Senate (she's writing wonderful books now) was stunned when she saw my proposal (This for all you writers out there :)) I had no idea how to submit a series proposal and did all five at once, complete with legends and genealogy tree.

Since the Tallchief's parents were murdered in hold-up, I added 3 more books, based on the sons of the murderer.

The Perfect Fit, Typical Male (Harlequin Desire), Rafe Palladin: Man Of Secrets, The Groom Candidate, The Seduction Of Fiona Tallchief (Desire), Rio: Man of Destiny (Silhouette Desire), Blaylock's Bride (Silhouette Desire), Rio: Man of Destiny (Silhouette Desire)

Blaylock's Bride connects to Midnight Rider, Dan Blaylock hero. Midnight Rider will soon be placed in ereaders.

I was so pleased with the cover of Tallchief For Keeps, a single title set amid the Tallchiefs. The graphic is super.

I hope you'll enjoy these books and I look forward to hearing from you.