Thursday, June 09, 2011

Barbara Freethy Hits the NYTs

Today, I'm terrifically excited about Barbara Freethy hitting the NYTs elist at #1. In fact, she's hitting well everywhere. SUMMER SECRETS and DON'T SAY A WORD are hitting high at USA Today's lists, too.
Read Barbara's Blog and see how much work is involved in lifting up her backlist; it covers all jobs: writer, formatting, cover art, promo. Really interesting. Plus she's got super covers, which she does her mighty-self.
Right now, she's got a string of great front list, plus her previously published books for sale. The girl is doing terrific, either with publishers or on her own, raising up her backlist to epublishing.

I'm so glad for her. I believe she's been undervalued in publishing and now, on her own, she's sky-rocketing, a la Konrath/Hocking/Eisler.
Meanwhile, I've just raised up my own, a romantic suspense, WHEN NIGHT FALLS, and have also finished a new one, out of my Cait London brand. I'll have to learn now to market it under a different pseudonym. Just a few more checks and I'll raise it up, too.

After that, a short story that has been cooling, also out of my brand.

All this is a terrific experience, and a steep learning curve. Be sure to follow Barbara's blog, very interesting material.



I love this cover! Like the lighter background. Love the blood on the railing.

Portugal said...

Barbara Freethy definitely puts your mind in motion, with this tale of country, family, murder, and heart. I enjoyed the story line and characters. I do like her style, with just enough romance and not those over-the-top, unnecessary, love making chapters. Of course that's not to say her talent and class goes unnoticed with the perfect blend of that emotion. It's refreshing to pick up her thoughts in a balanced blend of suspense, romance, travel and curiosity.