Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Aislings: Psychic Triplets

I love my Psychic Triplets, Claire, Tempest, and Leona. They're available now in either paperback or ebook form. If you haven't read them yet, I hope you will.

The Aisling Triplets are descended from an Ancient Celtic Seer and the Viking Chieftain who captured her. Each has a unique gift, so unique that the sisters cannot live near each other, or their thoughts will cross... and someone is determined to kill them.

At the EdgeRomantic Suspense Books)
A Stranger's TouchContemporary Romance Books)

For Her Eyes OnlyLiterature & Fiction Books)

A world class pyschic, their mother, Greer Aisling appears through the individual stories, loaded with these triplets psychic gifts.

Claire, the youngest and most vulnerable, Tempest (Who made the NYTs) who's a handful, and Leona, the oldest and fiercest of the three, each have their own romance with that killer in pursuit.

Claire's gift is that of picking up other's thoughts; Tempest has to wear gloves, because she can feel the history of an object and know the thoughts of those who held it; and Leona, sees flashes of the past.

Try putting all those psychic talents too close and you've got a lot of trouble.

If starting to read The Aislings, I suggest starting with Claire in At the Edge.

I loved writing this trilogy, each with a different setting, a different psychic talent and romance, and always with that stalker at the ready.

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