Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Stuff

Signs of spring. It's a perfect time to get some sunshine, take my camera along. These are from my yard. And I thought you'd enjoy them. I love daffodils and lily of the valley, spring flowers.

I'm researching new work, which involves doing the stuff, i.e. learning how to cook some Asian. I'll write about this later, over at My Jam Jar. All I can say now, is that it is good eats, and it is research :) I have several research projects going right now.

I often try to do whatever my characters might be doing--no jokes here, please. But in this instance, YouTube has furnished lots of information. In fact, YouTube can show you how to do almost everything.

These are gorgeous, too, and there is a whole wall of these gorgeous beauties behind my home.

I use all of this in my work, but am slowing down now, due to Spring Time house/yard stuff. You understand, I know.

I've written somewhere about Novel Interruptus, and how to deal with it. That's when life throws you a bad bullet and you just have to deal with it.

A few friends are experiencing that now, and these gorgeous shots are for them.

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