Friday, January 14, 2011


WILD DAWN now available at Kindle.

It will soon be available elsewhere. To celebrate DELILAH AND THE MOUNTIE is .99 here for the month of January.

Romantic Times Review: WILD DAWN is a story of survival, not only living through a rough mountain winter, or the survival of the body, but also the survival of the spirit. With MacGregor's tough and tender teaching, Regina discovers her inner strengths, her true beauty, and the ability to vanquish her enemies. Cait Logan [London] has penned an unusual, exciting, stunning, and intense book that wilol touch readers' hearts and souls. SENSUAL

Affaire de Coueur: Cait Logan [London] has penned a marvelous masterpiece! I loved every page from first to last... You won't be able to put it down once you start reading. It is wonderful. Sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, always entertaining. This book should be a must on your keeper's shelf!

INFO FACTOID: WILD DAWN is a revisited epublished format, the original published in paper 1992 as Cait Logan. (The same year as MIDNIGHT RIDER at Desire as Cait London, confusing, isn't it?) I'm putting most of my titles under Cait London. I keep repeating this, sorry, but this whole placing my backlist into current epublishing has been quite the learning journey, courtesy of hand-holding by a lot of writer-friends.

Of my self-created covers, I'm liking this one the best. Or maybe THE LOVING SEASON. BTW, THE LOVING SEASON is the first of the MacLean trilogy, ANGEL vs MACLEAN (#2), and THE DADDY CANDIDATE is almost ready to lift up; I'm doing that cover now.

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While DELILAH AND THE MOUNTIE features Washington Territory and up the Cariboo Trail (correct spelling)into British Columbia, WILD DAWN is set in the Southwest. I drive to all my settings, and thoroughly enjoyed this research trip, though my preference is for more to my home "stomping" ground, Washington State, Montana, etc. Filled with Indian wars, English on hunting trips (Regina is kidnapped from one), WILD DAWN was another gorgeous trip. I think I have photos somewhere of the sand dunes near the Sangre de Cristos mountains. I did take a lot of photos.

The DAWN in WILD DAWN is from one of my photos, taken right from my back yard.

I hope you enjoy all of my books and discover Lady Regina's Legend before she does...

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